About the Shrine

Many women have been socialized into thinking/believing that it’s wrong for us gals to be sexual beings, to express our desires aloud, to be raunchy or randy or kinky. Welcome to the Shrine. We don’t believe any of that crap.

1. The Shrine is meant to be a safe, happy place for women and men to perv over hot actors, musicans, sports figures and anyone the Shriness feels is Delicious with a captial “D”. Most of the perving involves the pretty mens, but there will be beautiful, kick-ass women on the site as well. Just because we love the dudes, doesn’t mean we hate women. Chicks rule.

2. The Shriness believes in perving positively and respecting the people we lust over. Yes, you’ll be swimming in pools of drool over here, but there’s also plenty of admiration for the mad skills and talents of these hot guys. Shriney also prefers kindness and restraint in fan interactions, and asks all of you to always think about that gorgeous man’s (or woman’s) point of view, perspective and privacy before you ask for autographs, hugs, etc.

3. This place is all about the pretteh. Like straight dudes who enjoy lesbian porn, sometimes we enjoy seeing/imagining/pushing pretty men together. Smooooosh. If you don’t like it, don’t look. No harm done.

4. Please comment! Sharing the squee is soooo much more fun than squeeing alone. So please, make it a party!

5. Shriney tries to be as accurate as possible in her posts when it comes to factual elements, trivia, movie plot points, and spelling people’s names correctly. If you catch an error, or have some more info on a topic, please feel free to respectfully let her know.

6. Enjoy the Shrine! The site is a work in progress, so please keep checking back for more gorgeous stuff. The web mistress may also be uploading some vintage posts from the Shrine’s former location, since pretty men never go out of style. 🙂

About the Author

Shriney is a freelance entertainment writer who contributes regularly to both big-name and little-name websites. She's also published some pretty dirty stuff in fiction. When she's not trying to make a living, she's perving over hot men, screencapping obsessively, and doing her best to share the SQUEE with like-minded women and men. She's been known to disappear for long stretches into the Dirty Old Lady Cave, where you are also welcome to book your own room.