The Dirty Old Lady Cave

You will see posts here in The Shrine titled or categorized for The Dirty Old Lady Cave. These lovely perv sessions are reserved for our favorite boys from their 18th birthday on to their 25th birthday. Since men in Hollywood especially have been perving on girls decades their junior since the beginning of film, we figure turnabout is fair play. If you’re under 25 yourself, the Dirty Old Lady Cave is a perfect place to find guys your own age. Of course The Cave was specifically designed for gals a bit older–or a lot older–who refuse to give up their taste for young hot flesh. No judgments here! The “Dirty Old Lady” title is a teasing joke; we all know what you are is Naughty and Knowledgeable. Which a lot of young guys really like. *G*

What works for Demi Moore works for us, right? Pretty boys for your pleasure, that is what the Shrine, and the Cave, are all about.


(Once there are enough boys in the Cave, you’ll be able to find them all here.)

About the Author

Shriney is a freelance entertainment writer who contributes regularly to both big-name and little-name websites. She's also published some pretty dirty stuff in fiction. When she's not trying to make a living, she's perving over hot men, screencapping obsessively, and doing her best to share the SQUEE with like-minded women and men. She's been known to disappear for long stretches into the Dirty Old Lady Cave, where you are also welcome to book your own room.