Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer: Pretteh Stuff We Love on YouTube

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer: Pretteh Stuff We Love on YouTube

The Pretteh Stuff We Love on YouTube is a revolving front page feature, but I decided it’s not such a bad idea to archive pretteh stuff so we can return to it later. This premiere Pretteh Stuff segment features Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, my two favorite tennis hunks. We get Roger through all the phases of his 2008 US Open victory, from being dominating, aggressive, quick, and intense, to being emotional, goofy, and of course, beautifully balletic. Then there’s Rafa, who somehow looks even more sexy in golf clothes, of all things. Here’s the feature, as presented originally:

Rafael Nadal playing golf–both gorgeous and hilarious. He dresses up in preppy golf goodness (still with deliciously tight trousers, of course) and goes through a whole, very Rafa-esque pre-strike routine. Awesomeness.

One of the most beautiful vids of Roger Federer, covering his 2008 US Open run. Shows the elegance of his form, his emotion, and it just builds the excitement and feeling for Rog after a tough year. Love this one:

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