Hot Shirtless Blonde Boy, Thanks to Doug Inglish

Hot Shirtless Blonde Boy, Thanks to Doug Inglish

Anne Vyalitsyna Pony Step Magazine

Is there even any point in my putting words here? Will any of you read them, or will you be too busy staring at the above photo? I know I can’t. stop. looking. at it. I had this open in a tab on my computer for ages, then my browser crashed and I lost it–but I went and dug it out of Firefox history, let me tell you. Then I saved it. So I could stare and stare at it at my own leisure.

It took me awhile, but here I am, sharing it with you. This is from a series of luscious photos by Doug Inglish in Pony Step Magazine. The whole series can be found at the Fashion Sing website, so you can linger over all of the beauty Inglish captured there. I love the life in the photos, the way they capture movement and fun and craziness at the beach. It’s also a celebration of the human form, and there’s plenty of amusingly gratuitous nudity.

I was drawn to this one because even if it was meticulously arranged, it comes off as a natural moment captured surreptitiously. There’s a lovely mix of long-limbed strength and boyish vulnerability, and the semi-sprawled pose gives us a delicious glimpse of that shapely inner thigh. The short shorts reveal a lot of skin, but the adorable roller-skated foot prevents this from being a more scandalous peep show. So there’s a lovely, more coy sensuality about the photo that makes it even more intoxicating.

The light and shadow, the gentle touch of his hand to his hip, even the braided bracelet–everything about this photo is just exquisite. The boy absolutely glows.

You can see more of Inglish’s beautiful photography at CLM. He does not have a working website as far as I can tell, which is a shame, but he seems to be getting plenty of fashion and celebrity work without it. Google him and you’ll find many links to his published work.

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