Roger Federer’s Underrated Ass

Roger Federer’s Underrated Ass

Roger Federer ass butt bum photos pictures images Western and Southern Open practice Everyone knows that if you talk about the best ass in tennis, odds are everyone’s going to think of Rafael Nadal. And with this fantastic bubble butt beauty, who can argue? You can’t have too much of a good thing, however, which means there is room in the Shrine for more than one fine ass. Which brings us to Roger Federer, tennis maestro, known for his balletic moves and lovely, graceful limbs. And freakin’ fantastic hair. But with utmost respect to Rog, who would perhaps cringe at such a crass post (and perhaps secretly love being honored in yet one more way *G*), we have to talk about his totally underrated ass.

One of the telltale signs of a fine arse is that the player’s shirt rides up over it. See Exhibit A at left. A big booty like Nadal’s will do it, but a smaller bum like Roger’s will as well–it’s what we call the lovely “high and tight” ass. Sure, it doesn’t always announce itself, but it’s just as muscled and just as grab-worthy. And bitable. Rowrr.

But there’s more proof. Just stick with me, and we’ll explore Roger’s fine bum together. *G*

(Note: ALL pics are *clickable* for big, sometimes HUGE versions. Enjoy worshipping Roger’s pretty ass. I apologize if there is blurriness in some images. My little camera did its best, considering its age and the shaking excitement of its handler :) )

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To get the full effect, you’ll definitely want to click on these pics. I wanted the photos to retain all the beauty of Roger’s tennis form, and just his natural languid grace, rather than cropping it just to highlight his ass. So if you want to see the curves in more detail, just click the pics for the bigger versions.

Onward. Here’s the full, clickable version of the pic at the top of this post. It provides the best evidence of the incredibly muscular exquisiteness that is Roger Federer’s ass. I managed to snap this pic while sitting just to the side of the net at a practice session at the 2011 Cincinnati Open. When I loaded it onto my computer and hit the “full size” button I proceeded to swallow my tongue. *guh*

Roger Federer stretch volley net ass bum butt practice Western and Southern Cincinnati Open pictures images photos pics

Seriously, is that not the most gorgeous arse? And then there’s the tiny peek of skin at the waist, and the taut calf muscles, and the broad shoulders and sunlit waves of silky hair…*thud*

Really, no one needs more proof than that, but it doesn’t hurt to gather further evidence, does it? Here’s the ass in flight as Roger serves.

Roger serve practice Western and Southern Open ass bum curves air racquet pictures photos images photographs

Further apologies to Roger for showing his sweaty arse, but you know, clingy shorts always show off the curves better.

Roger Federer sweaty ass arse bum butt gray shorts practice Western and Southern Open Cincinnati Fed pics pictures images photos

That was Sunday’s practice session, the one I missed because Roger decided to schedule it at the same time as Rafa’s…but never mind, that’s a whole ‘nother story/post. Now back to the Monday practice pics: here we get more sweaty Roger Federer, this time with his shirt all clingy on his beautiful back and then the shorts pulled smooth over his curves. *guh*

Federer serve sweaty blue shirt tight shorts bum arse ass butt Cincinnati Open practice Monday pictures images photos

Oh. And calf muscles…*meeeeep*

Federer tight calf muscles ass Western and Southern pictures


This picture is just lovely to me. Not just because it highlights that perky ass so nicely, but it’s such an elegant tennis pose, with a bit of profile and all those lovely curls, and the way his broad shoulders taper down to his narrow waist. Definitely click on this one…it’s got such a beautiful symmetry and serenity to it.

Federer sweaty serve racquet tennis ball pictures photos images

Here are some lovely backside shots from his matches during the week. Cute curvaceous bum in white shorts, just some more evidence for you to enjoy worship inspect.

Federer Western and Southern Open     Federer Western and Southern Cincinnati Open white shorts blue shirt

Federer Western and Southern Open pictures     Federer tennis Cincinnati match against Berdych white shorts

This one is my favorite. fjdfjngngnghhnnnhhhhh..______

Federer see-through white shorts ass bum arse pictures photos imagesWhoo…the light hit those shorts just right, didn’t it? *fans self*

Let’s see, here are a couple more. One traditional waiting to return pose, and then a flying pose that just is a lovely silhouette all around. Mmmm…

Federer return of serve white shorts bent over bum ass pictures photos     Federer underrated ass flying serve Western and Southern Cincinnati Open

As for proof outside of Cincy, I do like this moment from last year’s World Tour Finals in London–talk about tight curves!

World Tour Finals tight bum ass Roger Federer screencaps images photos pics

And you can always check out those paparazzi at-the-beach photos, where Roger’s swim trunks don’t even cover the top of his arse–like I said, high and tight.

So, there you have it, folks. A little worship for Roger Federer’s underrated ass. Hope you enjoyed it, and I promise, I have more pics of Roger coming, including many from the front. *G*

If you’re looking for more tennis pervs and giggles, you can always check out Rafael Nadal: Anatomy of a Shirt Change, or Ernests Gulbis in the Dirty Old Lady Cave.

PHOTOS: c2011 The Shrine to Actors. Please link to this page, rather than reposting the photos elsewhere. If you have a tennis, celeb, or Federer-related blog and link to this page, I can give your blog or page a link back in this post in return. Thank you!

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