Rafael Nadal Armani Jeans & Underwear Photos Part I

Rafael Nadal Armani Jeans & Underwear Photos Part I

Rafael Nadal close-up shirtless Armani photos images

Seriously, could the man BE any prettier? I don’t think so. I know these Armani ads and vids have been around awhile, but this kind of intense naked Rafa pretteh just has to be in the Shrine.

**As always you can *CLICK* on these pics for HUGE versions. The one above allows you to count his freckles and then get lost in his intense gaze. *guh* Some of the action shots may be a bit blurrier in the large version, but you still get an overwhelming eyeful of bare Rafa and all his luscious curves and smooth skin.**

The filmmakers zoomed in on this one, so who am I to argue?

Rafa Armani jeans shirtless bulge Rafael Nadal photos pictures images screencaps


Now we have dripping wet Rafa and his luscious curls. Seriously. Click on this one. I dare you.

Rafa wet Rafael Nadal Armani underwear shirtless naked pictures photos screencaps

And this one. I guarantee you will find yourself filled with a desperate longing to nibble his perfect ear…while you run your fingers through the wet locks of his gorgeous hair…

Rafael Nadal wet floor shirtless Armani pictures photos hair ears screencaps

Note that the curve of his ass starts *above* the waist of his jeans. More on that in a moment.

Armani jeans Rafael Nadal Rafa ass bum curves shirtless abs screencaps images photos pics

Intense Rafa, with just a hint of that adorably crooked mouth of his we love so well.

Rafael Nadal close-up eyes wet Armani ad photos pictures

Rafael is taking a time-out in the corner, no doubt because he’s been a very, very naughty boy. A naughty boy who continues to show us his “famous ass” in the most provocative fashion.

Rafa Armani black underwear shirtless back shoulders wall Rafael Nadal images photos

I love this one because it’s a little sweeter and more vulnerable than the other shots, plus he’s got a little of that chubby cheek thing going on that I adore.

Rafael Nadal shirtless Armani ad photo shoot wall arms muscles pecs cheeks hair pictures screencaps

All girls that want to be between him and that wall, raise your hand! *flails wildly*

Rafa wall biceps muscles profile close-up Nadal Armani underwear photo shoot pictures photos




Have I mentioned the intense desire for ear nibbling? And his strong neck is soaking wet and… *brain evaporates*

Rafa wet Rafael Nadal neck chin water arm Armani ad photo shoot screencaps pictures


What Rafa looks like after you lovingly attack him at the front door and start ripping his clothes off. No one would blame you. Just look at him.

Rafael Nadal shirtless topless pecs abs tummy Armani jeans photo shoot pictures


Why is sitting on wet concrete this sexy? We don’t know. But it is. Maybe because we’re hoping the jeans will be see-through when he gets up. Maybe because we know he will have to remove his clothes to dry off. Maybe because he’s wet all over and we are perving like crazy women. Maybe.

Rafa topless shirtless Rafael Nadal wet Armani jeans ad photos screencaps images pictures pecs ribs arms


Low-rise jeans just aren’t made to cover an ass like that…lol. Actually, the high-waisted ones don’t always make it over those incredible buns either. It’s insane how he can be so overwhelmingly sexy with his hot body on display, and then mix that with a boyish pout and pose–it makes the mental wires cross in an explosively terrifying way. **Pffthhzzzztttttt**

Armani jeans Rafa pout Rafael Nadal ass naked bum plumber's crack low-rise low-riders bicep back muscles white Armani photo shoot pictures images


Rafa gets ready to throw a tennis ball, his body all tensed up, muscles tight, showing off his beautiful form. Near-naked Rafael Nadal is such a good thing.

Rafael Nadal pose black Armani underwear throw tennis ball pecs bum arse curves bare feet legs thighs Rafa pictures photos

I leave you with pretty, shirtless Rafa with his dark eyes and slightly quirked lips and incredible shoulders and sweet pecs. Please do enjoy.

Rafael Nadal leaning Armani underwear jeans shirtless topless pecs ribs shoulders cheekbones screencaps images photos pictures

More Rafa is on the way. Definitely. While you’re waiting, you might enjoy a peek at “Rafael Nadal: Anatomy of a Shirt Change.”

PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal in Armani photo shoot, screencaps c2011 Armani.

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