Eric Bana ‘Hanna’ Interview Screencaps

Eric Bana ‘Hanna’ Interview Screencaps

Eric Bana Hanna Interview images

Just a little bonus Eric Bana material for your viewing pleasure. Eric has said many times how much he enjoyed being a part of Hanna, and it shows in all of the great interviews he’s done for the film. I really enjoyed this one, embedded below, from The interviewer asks some good questions, and I loved the discussion about the fight sequence. Watch Eric in action, listen to the lovely pitch and roll of his accent, then scroll down to linger over some more screencaps of Eric’s animated expressions, plus a few shots from filming Hanna. I love the cap above; he’s got that sweet little going-to-be-a-smile but his eyes are so intense, giving all of his focused attention to the interviewer. Would sooo love to be on the other end of that gaze. Hubba.

(As always, *click* the pics for larger versions.)

You know I go crazy for Sean Bean’s hands, but well, well, Eric’s long fingers aren’t so bad, either. Rowrr.

Hanna Eric Bana interview pictures Hanna Eric Bana Interview photos

Some shots or Eric and Cate Blanchett from filming:

Hanna Eric Bana behind the scenes Erik crouching kneeling peeking screencaps images Cate Blanchett Marissa Hanna behind the scenes pictures photos

It’s tough for Eric to crunch up all those lanky limbs and be stealthy…hee…

Here’s a nice shot of Eric as Erik, leaving Hanna for his part of the “mission”.

Eric Bana Hanna Erik Heller suit Finland mission screencaps images photos pictures

And here’s the full version of the front page teaser pic:

Eric Bana Hanna interview screencaps photos pictures images screengrabs tie gray Hollywood

Hope you enjoyed the lovely Eric Bana and Hanna goodness. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can check out the No-Spoiler Hanna Review or the Hanna Screencaps and Spoilers (Big Ones!) posts.

PHOTOS: Eric Bana Interview and Hanna screencaps, c2011, Holleran Co., Studio Babelsberg & Focus Features.

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