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    We are verrrrry excited about The Hobbit, especially after seeing this trailer. It's moody and atmospheric and filled with foreboding, yet there's still the charm and beauty we loved about LOTR. Plus there's the lovely Cate Blanchett, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, and Ian McKellen kickin' ass like always.

    Sorry, in the Shrine, everything always comes back to Orlando Bloom. You can catch a few glimpses of him as the ethereal, blue-eyed Legolas in this wonderful Behind the Scenes video diary from Peter Jackson. There's also a lot of beautiful set decoration, cast and crew camaraderie, and all those DVD-extras-type tidbits we LOTR junkies love.

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    Sure, it's Danish, it has subtitles, and we don't mind at all. Because it's got Mads Mikkelsen and all kinds of bodice-ripping, epic period piece goodness going on.